Staging your home

Getting Your Home Ready

 Staging your home and making it easy to show is well worth the effort.  Buyers' agents want to recommend a home that shows well.  More importantly, preparing your home properly will allow buyers to envision themselves in your home.  

  • Clean.  Dust baseboards, vents and ceiling fans. Clean windows and floors. Steam clean your carpets if they need a little freshening. Be sure your stovetop and sink are clean so buyers will notice your home not your dirty dishes. Address any distracting odors.
  • Declutter. Pack away excess appliances from kitchen counters. Remove stacks of mail, books and magazines. Put away laundry.  Clear off personal items from bathroom counters. You may even want to remove a few pieces of excess or bulky furniture to give your home a more spacious feel.
  • Give each room an identity.  When a room doesn't have a clear purpose, buyers will often ask how the owners use a space.  If your office is also the guest bedroom and exercise equipment storage it may be better set up just as an office while your home is on the market.
  • Remove personal items.  A few family photos are fine but too many photos or collectables may make it difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living there.
  • Make repairs.  Buyers are on the lookout for maintenance problems. Fix the dripping faucet.  Change any burnt out light bulbs. Replace your a/c filter and dust vents.  Caulk around shower.  All these little things can detract from the value of your home.
  • Let the light in.  Bright and cheerful rooms are more inviting.  Open curtains and blinds.  You may even consider removing heavy or outdated window treatments to better show off the windows.  If possible add lamps to any areas that are dark. 
  • Touch up the exterior.  First impressions matter. Many buyers will drive by a house before confirming an appointment to see it.   Clean the gutters. Sweep the porch. Weed the garden and trim anything that has overgrown. Repaint the front door if it is looking a little drab.   A new welcome mat and some colorful annuals will boost curb appeal.
  • Final touches.  Buy a few new fluffy towels to hang in your bathroom. Add a pop of color with a throw and a few new sofa pillows. A few house plants can add life to a room or porch.